• Do you want to touch dirty door handles?




    The Toad Openeris a "foot-door-opener" that lets folks open doors with just their foot- eliminating the need to touch dirty & dangerous door handles.


    Our product is business tax deductible!


    "Employers are obligated to provide their workers with PPE needed to keep them safe while performing their jobs."


    We are a new PPE weapon in the ongoing struggle of infection prevention by eliminating transmission points. It works against unwanted germs while giving your customers, employees and the public peace of mind.


    According to the CDC in 2020, "There is still a lot that is unknown about COVID-19 and how it spreads... people can get COVID-19 (and the flu + MSRA) by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes."


    Our company provides a suite of welcome services and products for building stakeholder and ownership buy-in to help them quickly adopt all necessary upgrades required to achieve and maintain new and developing Phase 6: Post Pandemic Safety Requirements.


    Download the Michigan Safe Start Plan here.


    You can provide safety & confidence to your customers & employees by #ReducingTouchpoints by eliminating the need to touch bathroom door handles and exit/entrance door handles, while reducing the risk of other surfaces with our solutions.


    Every surface counts because public surfaces have a non-zero chance of transmission and infection.


    The Toad Openerhelps to reduce transmission points & transmission events in simple, easy to use & quantifiable ways.


    Toad Openers are 2020-invented, 3D-printed,

    hands-free "foot door openers" that offers the lightest, easiest to use & best looking solution out there.


    Being a light door opener, as ours is, is important for this application. Our competitors' offerings are much heavier and harder to use and result in people being forced to use the door handle.


    No Permanent Damage to Doors...

    Unlike those other solutions....


    Our product is different than all the others:

    No Drilling Required & 100% Removable 


    No trace left behind if removed and does not induce risk of cracking which other solutions require.


    Customizable for your needs.


    *Resell* our product with limited restrictions!


    *Patent Pending!




  • All-new Toad Openerson duty!

    A "foot door opener"

    Beautiful, custom made Toad Openers are the next big thing for your spaces.

    Perfect for bathrooms!

    Who wants to touch a bathroom door handle of you don't need to? Nobody!

    We are #CertifiedEssential

    We won a grant in Oakland County, Michigan for a professional grade 3D Printer.

  • Toad Opener in the Media

    We've been getting a lot of attention lately.


    Click on image to play video.

    Customers are raving about how much they appreciate not having to touch doors in establishments. Converting front & side doors to hands-free is a welcome addition to any re-opening effort, and of course notwithstanding the Covid19 outbreak... everyone can appreciate that not having to touch bathroom doors five seconds after washing your hands is great... because unfortunately not everyone does (wash their hands)...

    Gas Stations

    Long a worry - no more!

    The vast majority of drivers know that gas stations are necessary & convenient and some are much nicer than others. With so many options, wouldn't you choose the one you knew was hands-free? We do.


    And by the way... this retiree had no problem using the openers - so don't worry about losing your balance!


    Click on the image to play video.

    The First University in the Nation to Install Toad Openers!


    Go Green!!

  • We also have these!

    3D Printed Hand Sanitizer Stations Available NOW!

    Basic Model

    Fill with store-bought gel hand sanitizer

    Model with temperature detection

    Best for entrances where the public enters

    Internal assembly

    No-touch, obviously & easy to refill!

  • It's a big deal:

    No Drilling Required

    Most other solutions require drilling through the door in order to secure the unit with a bolt and/or screws.


    Not only is drilling holes labor intensive, but each hole represents permanent damage that worsens over time.


    Our drill-free solution prevents damage & cracking. We use specialized adhesives that can be removed easily with no damage to the door.


    Avoid drilling holes into your valuable doors with the Toad Opener™.

    Refrigerator & Air-Tight Doors Become



    Our drill-free design allows air-tight units such as refrigerators to retain their air lock.


    This means shared office & hospitality & laboratory refrigerators can easily be converted to hands-free open/close, eliminating many touch points, increasing safety as well as efficiency as personnel could open suitable air-tight doors faster and have objects in both their hands while able to open the intended door to evaluate if they need something inside.

  • Use Cases

    Our valued clients span virtually all places with doors.

    Bars & Restaurants

    A no-brainer!

    Our clients share their satisfaction with Toad Opener widley and they appreciate a great solution to eliminate touchpoints which their clientele tell them that they feel more comfortable patronising the establishment with. Not having to touch with one's bare hand on public bathroom door handles in establishments is a no-brainer. It should have been the standard before, but we know now that it's fully needed.


    Further, converting front & side doors to hands-free is a welcome addition to any re-opening effort, and of course notwithstanding the Covid19 outbreak... everyone can appreciate that not having to touch bathroom doors five seconds after washing their hands is great... because unfortunately not everyone does...

    Gas Stations

    Long a worry - no more!

    The vast majority of drivers know that gas stations are necessary & convenient and some are much nicer than others. With so many options, wouldn't you choose the one you knew was hands-free? We do.


    And by the way... this retiree had no problem using the openers - so don't worry about losing your balance!


    Click on the image to play video.


    Guests are more likely to choose where to stay and dine where they know the entire facility can be accessed hands-free.

    Reopen safe with our fast & easy foot-door-openers!

    Refrigerated Doors


    This is crucial.


    In offices, shops, labs, restaurants & hotels and any place there is a shared air-tight refrigerated door, Toad Opener™ is by far the best hands-free-conversion solution because there are no moving parts and can be applied directly onto clean fridge surfaces in mere seconds and immediately reduce dangerous touch-points.

    Toad Opener Gives Back

    We donated $1,000 worth of our product to the library to help keep our community safe. As public facilities figure out how to reopen safely, eliminating dangerous touchpoints is paramount and Toad Opener is committed to working with all sorts of municipalities, schools & universities and others to keep people safe.

    Avoid Touchpoints


    Regardless of the current global pandemic, dirty bathrooms are the #1 reason to install Toad Openers. Even if you wash your hands... you do not want to then be forced to touch a dirty door handle to open the door.


    Further, think of the common flu. Tens of thousands of people succumb to this every year with many more getting very ill. From a business and public health perspective, any way to reduce the spread of the flu is reason enough to install hands-free foot-door openers.


    What other places are asking about

    Toad Openers?

    • Schools
    • Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers & Doctors Offices
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Commercial Properties
    • Clubs
    • Libraries
    • Court Houses
    • City Halls
    • Residential Homes (sliding doors)
    • Stadiums
    • Zoos
    • Public bathrooms
    • And more every day!

    Keep your people safer and provide additional cleanliness in your facilities, globally.

  • A cool fact about our products:

    Cool Features

    Damage-free Removal & Re-placement


    We don't drill damaging holes into your doors and use 3M VHB Tape™ to secure the units to doors.


    Toad Openers™ can be removed with adhesive remover and a scraper tool should the need arise.


    You can feel confident knowing your doors will remain undamaged with

    Toad Openers™!

    Constant New Applications


    Toad Openers™ were originally developed for one thing, to eliminate the need to drill holes into doors. Since then we keep identifying new capabilities and solutions they offer to a wide variety of customers. The possible applications for Toad Openers™ are really endless, including residential sliding & refrigerated doors and complimentary innovations are being developed daily and on a rapid pace.

    Covid19 DOES Persist On Surfaces

    According to Virology Journal:


    “Our results show that SARS-CoV-2 can remain infectious on surfaces for long periods of time, reinforcing the need for good practices such as regular hand washing and cleaning surfaces,” said Debbie Eagles, the center’s deputy director.


    Get Your Foot-Door-Openers Fast!


    Identify Suitable Doors

    Think public entrances & exits and bathrooms first, refrigerators next.


    Email to Schedule

    Demand is high so please send us an email - we'll reply quickly.



    Color Choice

    Our standard colors are green, gray and blue and because it doesn't get too noticeably dirty, but we can custom-make many colors.


    Quick Installation

    Our professional installers know commercial-grade doors are expensive, so we've developed special methods to mitigate damage to your valuable doors.


    Stickers at eye-level

    We place stickers at eye-level letting your people know the hands-free foot-door-opener is there to use and protect everybody.


    Refer A Friend

    Know anyone who would benefit from our service? Generous referral fees given!

  • Eye-level Signs

    Let your patrons know you've provided them a hands-free entry/exit.

    (These can be branded FYI)

    High Quality &

    Long Lasting

    These can also be branded with your own colors & logos!

    3M Scotchcal™ Film

    We use the best material so your sign looks great and won't damage your doors.

  • Our Featured Article

    Our friends at slalom recently interviewed us.

    About them:

    Slalom is a business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company, which is a division of Slalom, LLC, employs more than 7,000 people across 27 offices in North America, London and Manchester. Slalom's annual revenue exceeds one billion dollars.

    Our feature:

    Design thinking and a Local Touchless Product Innovation

    Some people think all good inventions stem from completely novel ideas; however Nick Moritz, metro-Detroit resident and co-founder of Toad Opener™, saw great potential and an exponentially growing need for an existing product on the market and decided to pursue it as a business venture.


    The "Toad Opener" is a device you secure to the bottom of a door to prop it open using just your foot to open the door for a hands-free experience. The main goal is to reduce touchpoints in public facilities and office environments thereby reducing the chance of spreading dangerous contagions.


    You may have seen a foot-door-opener in a restaurant or bar, but what you may have not realized is the level of effort that goes into the installation process of those products and the damage ultimately done to the doors. Moritz and partner Cliff Wells (both Metro Detroit natives) developed a drill-free design including the use of a 3M VHB™ tape so that the product can be easily installed and removed without damage.


    Moritz said it was crucial to approach his idea from a Design Thinking lens to not only understand the need but to also reframe the problem (i.e. asking ‘how might we?’ questions). He explained, "If I needed these on 10,000+ doors – how could I make that happen?"


    According to Harvard Business Review, to be successful, an innovation process must deliver three things: superior solutions, lower risks and costs of change, and employee/customer buy-in. To best enable these outcomes, the process of design thinking leverages "face-to-face research with customers, getting deeply immersed in their perspectives, co-creating with stakeholders, and designing and executing experiments."


    Using Design Thinking in approaching the problem allowed Moritz and Wells to successfully work on finding a solution for a number of use cases, whether it be at a restaurant or bar with valuable antique or metal doors one would not want to damage, or at hotels, schools, city halls, zoos, Downtown Authorities, public parks with bathroom facilities, urgent care facilities, federal institutions, commercial properties, and gas stations.


    Now that the design has been implemented and sold to over 50 local restaurants and bars as well as gaining distribution partners and independent sales representatives, Moritz and Wells are looking toward expanding their partnership with larger 3D-printing farms globally and injection molding to increase their ability to produce on a global scale. After joining the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce and successfully reaching a profitability milestone in their venture this last month, the two have already begun giving back to the community and have recently donated and installed the product onto eleven public doors at the Royal Oak Public Library.



  • For Government Purchasers

    Do you have grant funding or are you a school system, hospital, federal or military buyer or state or local government agency?


    We are prepared to do business with you.


    We also assist with funding such as grant application assistance, bulk discounts and even running Crowdfunding for your school, church or other organizations to get our solution to your stakeholders.


    We accept all forms of payment including credit cards.

    Here are our codes:

    DUNS Number: 117651769


    NIGP Code:


    Door Opener Parts


    NAICS Code:


    323111 - 3D Printing





  • Custom & Large Projects

    Want customized units or larger orders?

    We offer special colors, embedded logos and even special gripping-shapes for your brand!

    Contact us on the form below and we'll quote you for large and governmental projects, fast!

  • Installation Statement

    Why people hire us to install the units for them.

    Professional installers with proper installation equipment.

    Commercial doors both metal and wood are extremely valuable, easily running into the thousands of dollars each. Some are timeless antiques. That's why we've developed proprietary installation methods and equipment to protect your valuable asset while enhancing its functionality and safety.

    Full Solutions, Fair Prices

    We provide a soup to nuts conversion of your hands-only door into a hands-free door and we bring everything we need to do it properly and fast. We provide full customization of the units and even provide branding/logos/colors directly on the units and on the stickers that go on the doors. We help you fight the current Covid19 crisis and help prevent other germs from spreading. Basically all public doors should have been converted to hands-free years ago, yet despite that Toad Opener is fixing the issue right now with quality, professionalism and innovation.

  • Contact Us

    Reach out today!

    We install anywhere!

    Send Message
  • Buy kits now from our trusted distributor!

    If you want to install the units yourself and are ready to buy now, click below!

  • Our Mission:

    Eliminate dangerous touch points... wherever they are.

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